On difference and similarity

Professor Paola Gaudio (Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro) looks at one moment in the novel where six Italian translations vary widely, and another (from right at the end of the book) where they stick close together. When you compare different translations of the same source text, what is most striking is the richness of the spectrum of choices made by the translators. Every … Continue reading On difference and similarity

A note on compiling the Jane Eyre translation list

Dr Eleni Philippou (Prismatic Translation’s Postdoctoral Researcher) discusses her experience of putting together a list of Jane Eyre’s many translations from across the world. I first studied Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre in a sun-filled classroom at WITS University in South Africa with a rather grumpy English Professor. If I remember correctly it was part of a drearily-entitled course called ‘The Novel’ in which Jane Eyre … Continue reading A note on compiling the Jane Eyre translation list