Over 2021,the Prismatic Jane Eyre Schools Project is running workshops in translation and creative writing for young people who are learning modern languages or are speakers of community languages. Using the classic novel Jane Eyre and research about how the text has been translated across the world since its 1847 publication, a professional translator will deliver workshops at five different participating schools. Learners don’t need to have read or know anything about Jane Eyre to attend.

Workshop Details

  • Live online interactive workshop with a professional translator
  • Activities: translate a short passage from Jane Eyre, write poems or create a comic strip inspired by Jane Eyre, or explore graphic versions of Jane Eyre
  • Available languages: Arabic, French, Polish, Spanish
  • Dates: June, July, September, October 2021
  • Length: 2 hours

Whether it’s a language learners speak at home or one they’re being taught in school, our workshops allow schoolchildren to use their language skills in fun and creative ways.

Participating Schools

Luton Sixth Form College, Bedfordshire

London Enterprise Academy, London

Brampton Manor Academy, London

Sedgehill School, London

The Ursuline High School, London 

Following the workshops, activity packs will be available in the workshop languages (Arabic, French, Polish, and Spanish) on our resources page by October 2021. These materials give learners and teachers the chance to take part in creative translation activities related to Jane Eyre in their own homes or classrooms.