Charlotte Maurat

Language: French

Jane Eyre translation: 1964

Little is known about her and she does not feature in the literary world. She is a contemporary figure, a Brontë fan who has clearly worked a lot on the writer’s biography and her world. In the preface to her translation, she warned the reader of her boundless admiration for Charlotte Brontë, using hyperbolic adjectives to describe her style (‘splendidly’, ‘quite exceptional’, ‘happily treated’, ‘magnificent’, ‘incomparable storyteller’). Apart from translating Jane Eyre in 1964, three years later she wrote a book entitled The Secret of Brontë: or Charlotte Brontë according to Juvenilia: her letters and those who knew her (Paris: Buchet-Chastel, 1967).  She is not known for any other translations and she does not seem to have worked on any other authors.

Text by Céline Sabiron, Léa Koves & Vincent Thiery